Did I mention that December was going to be a busy month? I think I may have. I’ve had grand plans of recapping some of the incredible things that have happened – especially that World Diabetes Congress. However, time, life and a medical procedure got the better of me.

Right now, I’m recovering from cataract surgery. Actually that’s not completely true. The surgery is well and truly over and recovery took all of about 15 hours which was when the patch came off and I was told to just do everything as usual. I’m now dealing with one ‘good eye’ (the one without the cataract) and one ‘bad eye’ (cataract still there for another 17 days). The mismatch has resulted in headaches pretty much all the time. Staring at a computer is difficult at best.

I’d also had a grand plan of recapping the year that was, but given that this post has been written in two minute spurts over the last week, I think that I’ll take the easy way out and do this.

Farewell 2013. This was the year there was new stuff. There was also some old stuff (namely me turning the big four – oh….no!)

There were visits to new places. And return visits to places that I love.


New York, New York.

There were online friends and in-real life friends, and there was family.


Online and in-real-life friends.

There were lovely times; fun times, shoe times and silly times. There were scary times. And there was the hardest, saddest, most terrible time ever.

There was recovery and light at the end of the tunnel.

There was music. There’s always music.


Always music…..

And there was hope. Because there is always hope.

It was another year of life. And diabetes. And tomorrow – it starts all over again. New.

My best wishes and love to you all for the coming year. Thank you for reading and for commenting. I’ll see you (really see you – with no-cataract-eyes) in 2014.