Last year on a cold July night, the first OzDOC gathering was held in a small Melbourne restaurant. From little things, big things grow!  Now, 18 months into our OzDOC world, we have held almost 80 chats and are continuing to enjoy growing numbers of people from the DOC from all over the globe. We love it when joining folks from all corners of Australia, we find our Nigerian DOC friends tweeting alongside us, or someone from France or the UK joining in, or some of our US buddies bleary-eyed tweeting as they get in their first caffeine hit for the day. Did we say global?

The World Diabetes Congress hits Melbourne in a couple of weeks, and we thought what better opportunity to celebrate OzDOC than with a meet up and tweet up! This way, we get to see each other IRL (that’s In Real Life for those who don’t speak Twitterese) and then have our regular Tuesday night OzDOC tweetchat.

So – if you’re going to be in Melbourne for the World Diabetes Congress, or even if you can just get to Melbourne for the get-together, please come along. Here are the details:

Tuesday 3 December

7.00pm (OzDOC chat kicks off at its regular time of 8.30pm)

Aria Bar and Lounge at the Langham Hotel

1 Southgate Ave. Southbank


Don’t forget to wear blue!

And if you’re not yet on Twitter and part of the OzDOC chats, why not come along anyway and hang out with us? We’re a fun group, diabetes is only ever part of the dialogue and it’s a great chance to meet others who ‘get it’. And while you’re there, I bet we can get you hooked on our weekly chat!

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