At the beginning of this year I started to exercise. (Pause for collective gasp/fits of laughter.) It was kind of an accident. One evening, I decided that I’d like to go for a walk around Princes Park, close to where I live. It’s about 3.4km, so a relatively easy stroll.

Then, the next day, I did again. And again the following day. And it’s become pretty much a regular part of my day.

I don’t know how this happened and to be honest, I don’t really enjoy it. But when I don’t do it, I miss it.  ‘Isn’t it great?’ well meaning, but probably stupid exercise types ask me. ‘The endorphins are amazing, aren’t they?’ say others. I have no idea what an endorphin is and I’m pretty sure it’s a made up word, so I generally answer in the negative.  

Do I feel better? Not really. Do I look better? Well, I’ve lost a bit of weight, but that is more due to stress and minimal eating than exercise. Do I look forward to it? Absolutely not.

Here’s what I do like about it – I’m outside, there are trees and I often go with a friend so we chat for the 30 minutes it takes to do a circuit. And coo at the cute dogs being taken for their evening stroll. And check out the buff footy players training at the park. Really, it’s quite positive.

I have no idea how long this will last. I suspect that colder weather; earlier sunsets and well…my overall aversion to physical activity will result in this being a short-lived fad. But at least my blue runners have had a decent amount of wear.

I will never be an exercise freak, but I have always liked a walk. I drive my family nuts when we are away on holidays because for me, the thought of walking 8 kilometres in a city is a perfectly sensible thing to do. We’ll stop on the way to shop or have coffee, lunch, cupcakes, coffee, doughnuts, cupcakes etc, so really, we’re just walking from one food stop to the next! But to schedule it in with the main purpose being ‘exercise’ as opposed to ‘getting from point A to point C(upcake) is a little alien.

But, I’ve been doing it for a couple of months now. And even though I don’t feel better for doing it, I like the idea that I’m doing it. I get to be supercilious and judgemental at people who don’t do any form of exercise. And I tell myself that it’s good for my health. I’m hoping that I do manage to keep it up for a while, but I’m also realistic. The evening walks around the park are all I’m going for.  There are no plans to run a cheeky half-marathon by the end of the year. Yes, I have known for a long time that a place on any sort of sporting Australian team is out of the question for me. Or at least until air hockey becomes an Olympic Sport. Then I’m in with a chance!