I have an aversion to exercise. I know that this aversion is not healthy. I know all about how being physically active is an important part of diabetes management. I. Know.

But for me, it’s more ‘just don’t do it’ rather than ‘just do it’.

I do walk a little. But usually it’s accidental. I have no idea about exercise fads – I loved the idea of boot camp until I realised that it wasn’t about actual boots.

Anyway. Each year, the diabetes organisation where I work participates in Run Melbourne – a fun run (now there are two words that don’t belong in the same sentence) that raises money for charities.

Last year, I took part in the 5 km walk. Apparently, this was considered newsworthy enough to make my local paper.

I’d like to say that participating in last year’s event started me on a path to regular and meaningful exercise, but I’d be lying. Instead, the new blue runners I bought for the event have sat in the back of my cupboard waiting for their second wearing.

That day has come!  I will be walking again on 15 July.

The reason? Because I’m raising much needed funds for camps for kids with diabetes. You can read about the camps here. Lucky for me, I get to see and hear first-hand what the kids get out of going to camp. They have a great time, meet others who are experiencing similar things thanks to diabetes and offer peer support that extends well beyond the few days at camp. The kids’ parents report that their children return with more confidence about managing diabetes.

If you could spare a few dollars to donate to this program, that would be terrific. In Victoria, we offer places for about 250 kids to attend camp each year. But at least that number again are turned away. We would love to be running more camps and offering more children and teens the opportunity to experience ‘independence through adventure’.

You can make a donation here. Thank you!  And the kids who get to go to camp will thank you, too!

Here I am at the starting line of last year’s Run Melbourne. That’s terror you can see in my face.