A picture tells a thousand words, but I think the following photos really only say one word: Cupcake.

So why cupcakes? Really – because I can. I have the technology, the sweet tooth and the basic maths to do a little carb counting. With the ‘diabetic diet’ a thing of the past, with insulins that we can better match to the needs of our carbohydrate intake, having a cupcake now and then isn’t a big deal.

Also, this morning over breakfast, I was talking about today’s #DBlogWeek post. I had been thinking along the lines of a photo of my pump, or this morning’s fasting BGL. But as soon as I finished explaining today’s ‘diabetes in a photo’ mission, my husband said ‘cupcake’. So that’s what I did.

Anyone want to ask me if I should be eating that?


Magnolia Bakery NYC. We may have visited there once or twice.


Red velvet cupcakes are my favourite things in the whole wide world. And that little kid is pretty damn lovely too!


On a cold Tuesday night in NYC, we donned our coats, hats and scarves, walked the four blocks to Magnolia Bakery in Bloomingdales and bought cupcakes. And we weren’t cold anymore.


Cupcakes for the team. Because it was Thursday. Which is as good a reason as any to have a mini cupcake or three.


A giant cupcake birthday cake for a big seven year old. Delight.


Nothing says Easter like cupcakes. With Easter eggs on top.


These? Not cupcakes. But beautiful jewel coloured macarons from a dear friend. And they make me smile.


So today, we headed to the city to find some cupcakes to photograph because I didn’t have any pictures already (?!?!?)



My beautiful family indulged my silliness by being forced to eat chocolate-malted cupcakes. They’ll do anything for me. I’m a lucky gal!


A work of art.


A half-eaten work of art.


All gone. And they were good!

This is my Saturday entry into this year’s Diabetes Blog Week. For information, click here. And I really recommend you do. Over 200 diabetes bloggers from all over the world are participating and it’s a great way to see what others with diabetes are talking about. Come back tomorrow for the final entry.