Generally, I ‘m pretty fashion-illiterate. I have no idea what jeggings are (please comment a description in the space provided below) and couldn’t tell you what length skirt is ‘in’ this year. Apart from a boot collection that would have Imelda Marcos wanting a second look, I have limited knowledge of what the cool kids are wearing. (But I hope it’s stripes. I own and wear a lot of stripes!)

I can live with this.

What I can’t live with is the ugliness that is diabetes paraphernalia. It drives me nuts! Why, oh why is everything black, blue and grey?  

Which brings me to the cases that come with BGL meters. Sure, black is the new black and all that, but something a little funkier than a black mesh case would be a nice change. Yes, something that is neutral for the days that we don’t want to scream “diabetes, here and now” is a lovely idea too. But given that this little object comes everywhere with me – every minute of every day – and is often on my desk, my kitchen bench, the table at the café, it would be just lovely if it was a little bit pretty on the eye.

I have spent hours looking through design and craft markets for cute little pouches that comfortably house my meter, strips and lancet device. At the moment I’m using a Marimekko purse I bought at Crate and Barrel in NYC. I love it because it is bright pink and red and is in their signature Unniko design. Unniko means poppy in Finnish, so when I pull the case out of my bag I not only think ‘nice and bright’ but I also smile because I think of my little girl!

My current meter case. Bright, pink and red with poppies on it. Now that makes me smile!

When I decided to write this post, I had a look in the ‘diabetes cupboard’ (technically, the cupboard doesn’t have diabetes, but it contains all my diabetes supplies) I counted 15 little purses. One is a made from a gorgeous red and cream vintage print with Eiffel Towers all over it. Another favourite is a stunning green with an apple pattern – a good one for when I feel I need to be eating more fruit! I have retro prints in pinks and purples, red and pink polka dots and a red, blue and white zigzag pattern that makes my eyes go funny if I stare at it for too long.

I haven’t found a case with cupcakes on it yet, but I’m almost at the stage where I’m ready to get something made up for me!

Are any guys out there cursing at the black mesh and wishing they had something in a nice pattern? Footy team colours? Pictures of their kids screen printed onto it? Or is this a girl thing? (Or, is this just a me thing?)

So – here is my call to meter companies. Please, please, please make my life a little bit happier by providing cute little meter cases.  Or perhaps you could have a competition asking people with diabetes – you know, the people who actually USE your products – to come up with a pattern for you. Just an idea. But one I think would go down a treat! (And think cupcakes. CUPCAKES, I tells ya!)

What would you like to see on your meter case?