We did it! Running from St Carthage's

Today I am celebrating my thirteenth wedding anniversary. And for the first time, I won’t be spending the day with the bloke in the photo. (That would be my husband.) I am in Dubai for the International Diabetes Federation’s world Diabetes Congress. He is not.

This photo is of us running out of the church after we’d said our ‘I dos’. Throughout the brief ceremony, various friends performed gorgeous music including ‘One Hand, One Heart’ and ‘I Have a Love’ from Westside Story and the stunning ‘The Wedding‘ by Abdullah Ibrahim – a song that can take me back to each and every step I took as, on my father’s arm, I walked down the aisle to Aaron.

As this photo was taken, the remnants of a tango written by Aaron was being played. Yep – we tangoed down the aisle before sprinting out into the late afternoon.

It was a blissfully happy day and I love the looks on our faces in this photo. All I see is joy.

Not even ten months prior to our wedding day, I was told I had type 1 diabetes. It rocked my very being and made me change a few key things in my life. For a while it made me wonder if anything that I had been, anything that I had known would ever be the same. And I wondered if Aaron would still want to marry me now that I was so broken; would he still want to come along for the ride that was our life together?

In this photo, it looks like we’re ready to take on anything. And thirteen years later, that’s exactly how we’ve approached things. The ride may have been occasionally difficult (and most of those tough times are because of diabetes) but it’s been a fun ride, too. And we picked up a gorgeous little girl along the way to keep us company and share the love!