Hour one: 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Bed time reading with the kidlet finished – Oliver Jeffers new book Stuck
Bed time kisses and ritual of “I love you more, I love you most”
Kiss Aaron good bye as he heads out to a gig
Emails checked
Text message from best friend with photo of her two week old baby. Respond with: “gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous”
BGL now – 5.2mmol/l
Put Poh’s Kitchen on in the background. She’s in Bright with our family friends Patrizia, George and Anthony from Simones
Homemade shortbread and a cup of tea
Bolus accordingly
Twitter, Facebook – up to date!
Feed Cherry (cat) – possibly for the second time
Let Jasper and Bella (dogs) inside for a play
Put Bella out – she’s way too puppy-crazy!
Look at the George Clooney bank ad on YouTube. Again. (Hey – the link has been emailed to me by about 439 friends!)
Set DVR for Gruen Transfer
Yay – Glee starts

Hour two: 3.00am – 4.00am
Wake up needing to pee. Try to locate pump…where is it? How the fruitcake did my pump become dislodged?
Get up, go to the bathroom
Nausea hits
BGL now – 19.4mmol/l
Line change
Correction bolus and temporary basal to 130%
Two glasses of water
Try to get back to sleep, but nausea overrides sleep
Lie on the couch so as to not disturb Aaron
Ice cubes to keep feelings of dehydration under control
BGL now – 19.4mmol/l What??
Bolus again
Start second guessing myself. Should I do another line change? Correct via syringe? Change insulin bottle?
Aaron gets up and sits with me. And gets a bucket – just in time
Glass of water and hope I can keep it down
Curse that I am out of Maxalon
Lie there with the cool face washer Aaron has brought me over my eyes
More ice
Yay – BGL now – 15.3mmol/l. Heading in the right direction

Sometimes, diabetes sits there quietly and….. and other times it doesn’t. Now, tell me how to be compliant?