Let’s not talk diabetes or COVID-19 for a minute, and instead talk about the things that have been occupying my mind, making me laugh or perplexed or weirded out over the last week or so.

  1. This from Feel Good Eating’s Insta today struck a chord as I’ve been happily culling anyone who so much as hints at how disgusting the idea of eating more or putting on weight is during lockdown. Just stop it!

  1. So, it turns out that I do need exercise, and walking is the way for me to clear my head. In the past, all the incidental walking I could get done in a day was enough for me, but unless I actually make an effort to get out, I feel all sludgy and blah at the end of the day. (I think they are technical terms.) As well as clearing my head, I’ve been enjoying the stunning last flushes of roses across people’s fence lines. Gorgeous way to re-calibrate when I need to.
  2. I have new leopard print leggings and I don’t even know who I am anymore. I love them, they are super comfortable and I don’t care that my kid won’t even look at me she is so disappointed and embarrassed.
  3. Baking bread is THE most therapeutic thing I have ever done. Check out this focaccia I made the other day to have with homemade roasted pumpkin soup…

  1. Tiger King. Please talk to me about this. I have so, so many questions I need answered.
  2. HOW DRY ARE YOUR HANDS???? I’ve gone old school and using Nivea Crème, (you know, the one that comes in flat blue tins), to try to combat the ridiculously dry hands that are the result of the constant hand washing/sanitising. It seems to work better than the Aesop hand cream I usually keep handy, (see what I did there?), because it’s thicker. Anyone else have something else that has been working like a charm?

  1. Here’s something to read that’s NOT COVID-19 or diabetes related: My husband, the music nerd, has started a blog and it is excellent. You can read about music reviews, music theory, music instruments and gear, music history. Basically, all things music. You should check it out here.
  2. For the love of all that is good, check what’s going on behind you before doing Zoom calls! Unknown to me, this is what was on display behind me for the first week of working from home…

  1. I’ve never really been the crafting type; but making pom-poms is calming and a great way to decorate pretty much everything.
  2. Effin’ Birds has all the COVID-19 messaging you need.