I’m not in lockdown, but I am spending more time at home, and definitely avoiding crowded spaces where possible.

Cabin fever is going to be something that many of us have to deal with – more rapidly for some. I don’t really like being cooped up, and need to have things to keep me busy and entertained. So here are just a few things I’m doing to keep me occupied:

  • Baking…lots and lots and lots of baking (So, if I can be selfish, I would ask people in my local area to please not stockpile all the flour, sugar and other baking necessities, because one of my coping mechanisms is getting into the kitchen and creating cakes, biscuits and slices!!)
  • Homemade bread – this is new for me, but it is such a lovely and relaxing and rewarding thing to do
  • Reading books that I have already read and love – comforting and familiar is good at the moment, but I’m keen for suggestions
  • Netflix binges (Anyone watched Cheer?)
  • Watching Nigella re-runs and getting cooking ideas
  • Going for walks in the park with the dogs, and just hanging out with the pups. (They’re fun and don’t keep telling me how at risk I am)
  • Cleaned out the pantry. (I know: odd, but it was therapeutic and very satisfying!)
  • Effin’ Birds. Just do it – it will make you feel better!

I know this seems somewhat frivolous considering what is going on in the world, but sometimes, a distraction from the constant stream of bad news, and increasing numbers on a graph is a good idea.

And so, with that in mind, I’ll keep adding to this list, or do separate posts for recommendations. Help me out with book, and tv and movie suggestions. And recipes! Let’s see how people in our diabetes community are keeping distracted in the time of coronavirus.

Baking therapy.