Oh, Melbourne. How lovely it is to see your gorgeous self and drink your exquisite coffee. How miserable it is to be in your ridiculous Winter and to not be walking the streets of New York still, but I’m moving on….

Yep – I’m back home and, today, back at work and the reality of life is setting back in. Words cannot express how thrilled we were to see our kid after three weeks of being neglectful parents (her words), but on our last day in NY, when I checked the weather forecast for Melbourne, I did think about the logistics of sending for her to join us in the sunny Big Apple, rather than return to her here.

Lots and lots and lots to report back – both from the ADA conference in New Orleans, as well as the two weeks on the road, exploring Memphis and Nashville and returning to the familiar streets of New York. Stay tuned!

But for now, I am getting my head around a few new things on the diabetes landscape – mainly the changes for accessing NDSS supplies is different. I did indeed make sure that I had plenty of pump consumables and strips prior to going to the US, so at this stage, I am okay for supplies. But I do need to get in touch with my local pharmacy and have a chat about their processes for accessing what I need when I need it. I am most curious to see how the new program will work.

Of course, we’re in a position of complete and utter uncertainty as to what is going to happen following our federal election on Saturday. With bipartisan support for CGM subsidies, it is good to know that whoever forms government has pledged to make at least one aspect of diabetes a little more affordable to some PWD. Watching the roll out and implementation will be most interesting.

So for today, I am sorting through the debris from the conference and getting back on track for a very busy couple of weeks. It’s nice to be back. And it’s nice to be writing again. Come back and check in again if you get a chance.

Conference debris

Conference debris