I remember when absolutely nothing was open on Good Friday. I used to say that it wasn’t a particularly good Friday because there was nowhere to go to get a decent coffee. These days most of our favourite places are open across the Easter weekend. Well, not all…

The DOC boys' excuse for not working on Good Friday.

The DOC boys’ excuse for not working on Good Friday.

This four-day break seems to be mostly about food, which is never a bad thing.

It started like this with a batch of the teeniest-tiniest cupcakes to take into work yesterday.


This morning kicked off with a visit to a café for breakfast (might not mention the bacon I had with my breakfast to my dad…), followed by popping into a favourite bakery for the best hot cross buns in Melbourne.

And the rest of the weekend will wind itself around cups of tea at home, or coffees in cafes with friends, a big family lunch on Sunday and an assortment of chocolate eggs (and bunnies) and baking.

There will be reading and movies and a music gig here and there.

It won’t all be about food. There will be some exercise too. I’m in a basketball battle with a few diabetes friends, so I’m getting a good workout there too… (Annie – this is ALL your fault!)

All in all, a few restful days to look forward to. If you are lucky enough to have the time off: enjoy! And if you are working – thank you!

And don’t forget to Give That They May Grow. No one wants to use the Royal Children’s Hospital. But we are so glad for it if we need to.