With a mixture of sadness and excitement in equal measure, next week I am leaving Diabetes Victoria after over fourteen years. It was a difficult decision to make – I resigned from a job that I genuinely love and from working with a team of women I greatly admire. But fourteen years is a long time to be in one place and the time felt right.

I resigned just before going on three weeks of leave, and even though I didn’t really have any plans beyond finishing up at the end of January, I felt a great sense of calm.

As one of those people who likes to plan everything, have to-do lists and know what is around the corner, this was incredibly out of character for me. What was I thinking leaving one job without having another lined up? And what was I doing leaving something that I love so very, very much? This was nothing short of madness. Where was the plan? Where was the pros and cons list? Where was the back up? (Actually, now I am hyperventilating….)

I’ve always thought this control freak tendency is a response to living with a health condition that doesn’t actually allow you to plan all that much. It also laughs in the face of to-do lists, probably because my to-do list would look like this:

diabetes to do list

Living with diabetes has meant that I really like to have a safety net in place when I can. So, jumping from one job without another to go to was a huge, huge decision and quite unusual. I did know that I wanted to stay working in the diabetes space, but that was pretty much it.

As it turns out, the planets aligned and I am not going all that far. I will be taking up a national role with Diabetes Australia which is terribly exciting. It’s a part time job, meaning that I will have more time to dedicate to writing – for myself and others – as well as doing some consulting work.

I feel that it’s the right time in my life to broaden what I do, and I feel very fortunate that I will be working in job with a focus on diabetes advocacy and activism. I love change – one of the reasons I stayed so long at Diabetes Victoria was that my role continually evolved and transformed – so I am really excited to see what happens next. Come along with me for the ride!