Hot sticky days equal revolting sticky hypos and leave me wondering if a move to the tropics would equal a partial diabetes cure.

I’ve mostly been sitting at 30 per cent basal for the last couple of days and not bolusing. At all. But even with that, I’ve been mainlining hypo foods to keep my BGL above 4. Low, low, low.

Until I’m not. Until I am sitting up in the 20s and struggling to manage the nausea and the hypo hangover and the thirst.

As my pump shows double up arrows, I snap into action. I up my basal rate again and bolus, slowly, carefully. And then rage bolus because, for fuck’s sake, at 20 I feel like there is tar in my veins and my head won’t think straight. And eventually, it turns and heads downwards further and further and further. And too far. Where it sticks; for hours and hours.

My CGM trace is a mess, and hard as I try, I can’t make sense of it. There are no patterns. Just long straight lines of low, with a stubborn refusal to respond to any of the juice or glucose I consumer. And then a blip where suddenly, after a couple of hours, it all is absorbed in one hit. And then crashes back down to low, low, low.

I’m not over treating. I only have 15 grams of carbs at a time. I wait 15 mins before checking again. And I force myself to not binge on anything because I know I need to give the glucose time to respond. I talk myself down from the ledge of consuming everything in sight and breathe deliberately, willing my heartbeat to slow down.

But stubbornly, the numbers don’t move up yet and the line stays the same and the alarms wail and I feel like I am going to pass out.

This mess of numbers and I am attached to devices that cost thousands and give me so much information. Makes me wonder how I would ever cope – and how much worse it would be – if I didn’t have the tech.

Fun fact – the beep on my Vibe to tell me that I am low (a noise I have heard A LOT over recent days) is the exact same beep as the pagers used by Foreman, Cameron and Chase on House.