This post is dedicated to my husband who frequently jokes complains when I take photos of food and post them online. Every time I pull out my phone to take a photo he asks if it is for my (non-existent) food blog, which he thinks should be called ‘The art of mastication’. So that is the name of this post and it also marks the start and the end to my food blog. (Amen.)

So, my sister bought me a Veggetti. (Say it out loud – soft g – and get over your laughing. Actually, that might take a little longer; I still snigger every time I say or hear the word. Because: 12 year old humour.)

Anyway, the idea of the Veggetti (snort) is to turn vegetables into ‘noodles’ with just a twist of the wrist (chortle). Simply, you shove the vegetable in one end and out comes long spirals of zucchini or carrot or cucumber or whatever you have on hand in the veggie crisper that needs to be used. It takes no effort and is a tiny device, so you don’t need to clear bench space or cupboard space. (This is important if, like me, you have at one time or another found your cupboards overflowing with a popcorn maker/waffle iron/milkshake maker/ice cream maker/yoghurt maker/pie maker etc. etc. that was used once and then never again.)

I think that a lot of people using a Veggetti are trying to limit their carb intake and replacing regular spaghetti and noodles with vegetable noodles. This sounds ridiculous, because I love spaghetti and noodles, so my reason for using the Veggetti is more to make food look pretty.

This was the result of the Veggetti’s first spin:


What we have here is zucchini ‘spaghetti’, chorizo, flaked almonds cooked in a basil-infused buttery-olive-oil sauce. I then threw in some al dente tagliatelle, because it’s not a pasta dish unless there are carbs in it!

Next night, I made rosemary and sea salt potato hash and dumped some aioli and smoked salmon on top. On the side was a salad made of cucumber ‘noodles’, snow peas and white nectarine, with a balsamic dressing tossed through it. Looked like this:


Overall, I have to say it is definitely a healthy way of eating. I’ve certainly not cut out carbs, but I have found that overall I’m not eating as many (even when using potatoes) which has resulted in a more stable line on my CGM. Plus, I am using more vegetables in each meal I’m making.

Will I use it forever and ever? Probably not. I will most likely get tired of it and the novelty of spiral vegetables will get old. As will the Veggetti jokes (actually, maybe not).  But for now, it is a nice way to be using lots of fresh vegetables,and throwing together fun and delicious meals that photograph beautifully. And that, my friends, is the aim of the game. Pretty photos.