The last big diabetes conference of the year kicks off next week in Vancouver, and tomorrow, I head over there.

I’ll be popping in and out of here over the week, but Twitter is really where it’s at, so follow along on #WDC2015. I’ll be live tweeting sessions – and everything else that catches my eye! Not on Twitter? You don’t need to be to follow along, but if you want to get involved in the conversations and ask questions, you will need to sign up. (It only takes a few minutes.)

The World Diabetes Comgress always has great consumer representation and you can see from the program – especially the Living with a Diabetes stream – that there are some DOC usual suspects/frequent flyers presenting some great stuff.

As always, it’s a last minute rush to get myself ready, and spend precious time with my precious clan from whom I have been away far too much this year. (And I pledge that once I return from this trip I’ll to do my very best to not see the inside of another aeroplane until February!)