‘Hey love, it’s me…Renz…I’m just out grabbing a coffee, but when I get back, I’m popping in for some insulin. I’m out…long story. See you soon.’

These are the benefits to having a dear friend who just happens to have type 1 diabetes living two doors down. And that is the message I left on her phone the other night (although, because I speak so quickly, she misheard and thought I said I was out of tomato sauce and would be coming to get some – same/same.)

Why was I out of insulin? I thought I still had two bottles. I know I still had two bottles from my last prescription. Except I didn’t, because I left them in the fridge of our AirBnB apartment in Paris. Which I had realised over the weekend and I did order some from the pharmacy. I’ve just not quite made it to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription.

Sometimes having friends with diabetes is great for the practical ‘shit-I-just-ran-out-of-stuff’ reasons. But mostly it’s because of the ‘thanks-for-getting-it-and-not-judging-me’ reasons. Not once did my darling neighbour raise an eyebrow or shake her head or tsk tsk at my disorganisation. She didn’t tell me off or ask me why I wasn’t better prepared. She just went to her fridge, pulled out a vial and said ‘Is one enough?

My friend Alanna (read her blog, ‘cause it’s fabulous and she is fabulous and I love her!) posted this on Facebook yesterday and it really resonated.

Internet friends

Changing the word ‘internet’ to ‘diabetes’ makes it so true. Most of my diabetes friends live so far away. I’m lucky that I get to see some of them at diabetes conferences, or when travelling for fun, but many I actually haven’t ever met IRL. They may as well be in Narnia or the Enchanted Wood or at Hogwarts! Thank goodness for every social media platform I use to keep in touch with them!

Which is why it’s so wonderful to be able to walk two doors down, knock on the door and have someone there, with matching pump tubing hanging out of our clothes, to save the day. Thanks, Jo.