The noise in the café was overwhelming, yet just a few minutes earlier it was quiet. I couldn’t hear Aaron who was sitting next to me or my friend, S, who was sitting opposite me. Their words were foggy and unclear. Something clattered to the ground and the noise startled me. I threw back what was left of my coffee.

All of a sudden, one of the café staff was standing next to me, leaning over saying something.

What?’ I said, sounding irritated. I stopped myself, realising what was going on. ‘Sorry. My blood sugar is low. I need… Do you have…? Could I have…?’

She looked at me and stood up straight. ‘What can I get you? Juice? Sugar?’

Um…yes.’ I said

I heard her call into the kitchen, ‘I’m putting an orange juice through the register, but I need it now. Like right now.’

Within a minute, she had gone into the kitchen and gently placed a large freshly-squeezed orange juice on the table. ‘I’ll be back in a sec.’

And she was. As soon as I had downed the juice. ‘Are you okay? Can I get you something else. I know. I have some cookies.’ And she walked to the counter

The room was still foggy and my brain felt like it was wrapped in cotton wool. Aaron and S were talking to each other, but keeping an eye on me at the same time.

My new friend was back with a small plate of the cafe’s delicious peanut butter choc chip cookies that come on the side of all coffees.

I smiled at her. ‘Thank you. Really. Thanks.’ She brushed my gratitude aside.

We finished up. ‘Feeling okay?’ asked Aaron. I nodded, and stood up, making my way to the counter to pay.

Thanks again,’ I said to the waitress.

Do you have diabetes?’ she asked.

Yes. How did you know?’

‘My dad has diabetes. I could tell straight away. You had the same look he does when he needs sugar. But anyone would know, right.’

‘Ah, no. Most people wouldn’t have a clue. Thanks so much for being so great. I really appreciate it.’

I paid the bill and left a decent tip in the tip jar and we walked out of the cafe. ‘Put it on your blog,’ said my friend. ‘Oh, I will,’ I said. ‘I will.’


Stockholm next week. Here’s some ABBA.