I’m a little worse for wear this morning. I’d like to say it is because I was being incredibly patriotic, had set my alarm and got up to watch the Socceroos play the Netherlands. Alas, it was a perfectly timed low that saw me tweeting this just as the game was kicking off:


I thought that Jasper’s effort a few weeks ago when he woke me from a hypo was a one off thing. Not so much! Last night, he woke me twice.

The first time, I was dozing in and out of sleep when I felt something on my arm. There was Jasper, tapping me and watching me and straight away, I knew I was low. I got up and, as I often do so as not to wake the house, took my hypo and jellybeans into the front room. As I munched away, I checked to see what was going on in the Twitterverse. The latest tweet in my feed was from someone announcing the game was just starting, so I turned it the TV just in time to see the start. And then sent out a few tweets.

After I treated, because ‘treat before you tweet’.

I started watching the game, chatting on Twitter to some Aussie DOC-ers who were also up and watching. At some point, I fell asleep in front of the game. The next thing I knew, I felt Jasper’s paws again. I opened my eyes and registered that the game was 73 minutes in. I registered the score was 2-3 with the Socceroos down a goal. I then registered that I was low again.

In both cases my BGL was in the mid 3s. Jasper had woken me before the hypos turned too nasty. I think that in both cases, my BG was just getting to that level. The lows were easy to treat – both times responding quickly to the handful of jellybeans I threw down.

I’m tired this morning, but I don’t feel like I have a hypo hangover, which often follows after a particularly stubborn, persistent low. I don’t have a headache either. And I haven’t rebounded – possibly because I treated promptly and didn’t over-treat – a characteristic of many overnight hypos.

I’ve no idea what it is that is setting Jasper off. He’s 11 years old next month and it’s only in the last few months that this has happened. I don’t talk in my sleep when I am low and I don’t toss and turn any more than usual. But there is something that is alerting this gorgeous little puppy dog and he is responding by waking me.

Today, he will be rewarded with some doggy-treats. And extra hugs.

All in all, a rather uneventful, but tiring night. Pity about the final score.

Cuddle one this morning for the wonderdog(excuse the pjs).

First of many cuddles for today for the wonderdog (excuse my pjs).