It’s the fifth annual Diabetes Blog Week, with thanks to the lovely Karen Graffeo from Bitter~Sweet Diabetes. Today’s prompt is to write a poem. Come back tomorrow for the next instalment, and in the meantime, check out #DBlogWeek and follow along!

I found today’s prompt a little difficult. Poetry is not my strong suit. I thought of perhaps writing a comical limerick, but The Grumpy Pumper beat me to it – even his post title is poetic! (Also, I was having trouble getting past a first line of ‘There was a girl from Nantucket….’)

Anyway, I thought perhaps I’d try a Haiku because I’ve always found the format so beautiful and magical. The economy of being able to convey something evocative and gorgeous in seventeen syllables is a remarkable skill, one that, unfortunately, I don’t possess.

Diabetes lives

My body, my bones, my mind.

Always. Forever.