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Interweb jumble #8

Baby, it’s cold outside. It really is. I am shivering my way through most mornings, cursing the cold and complaining about how far away Summer is. Which is all really weird because I think the coldest it’s been is about 7 degrees (Celsius), and a mere few months ago, I was delighted and delighting at the […]

Interweb Jumble 7

Diabetes is really not a topic of conversation much for me when outside of work. And outside of this blog. I know – hard to believe. But when I am around friends or with my family, there may be a passing comment, but it rarely dominates discussion. Having said that, we had our neighbours over […]

Interweb Jumble #6

Emergency!!! I was a little excited to learn the other day that my iPhone 6 could do this: My medical ID can be accessed from the lock screen (i.e. no password required). The details can be customised (as such, I have chosen to NOT include my weight here!) and ICE contact details can be added. […]

Interweb Jumble #5

Things I know to be true: It’s February already. Melbourne seems to have misplaced its Summer. As much as I loved being in New York and had the best holiday ever, it’s always swell to come home. And having Melbourne coffee running through my veins is making me a happy chicken. Being at work is […]

Interweb Jumble 4

Right. Grab a coffee. Sit down. Watch. And Read. Go! THIS. JUST THIS. There are times that I see something about diabetes online and it stops me dead in my tracks. Kim Vlasnik whose blog Texting My Pancreas is on my must read list, presented last month at the MedX conference at Stanford University. I have […]

Interweb Jumble 3

As always, the internet is a trove of …well, cat pictures, naked photos of celebrities and silly cures for diabetes. But there is also some other stuff. You’ve just gotta look. A Case for Action As mentioned, I was in Canberra on Wednesday for the launch of a new Diabetes Australia report on insulin pump therapy.  […]

Interweb Jumble 2

So much going on. So much to do. So much to plan. So many presentations to write. So….naturally, I’m surfing! BIONIC I’m still really excited about the Bionic Pancreas. I know that when we hear of new research it’s often about mice, labs, five years’ time etc. So hearing and reading about the ‘real-life’ applications of […]

Interweb jumble

One of my favourite websites is Messy Nessy Chic. This is a site full of whimsy and fun and the completely unexpected. And each week, there is a list of 13 things I found on the internet today. This is my all-time favourite find on this site and I’m still trying to work out how […]

How good are COVID vaccines?

Non-Aussie friends may not get the reference in the heading to today’s post. Our Prime Minister loves to pretend to be at one with the people by excitedly declaring ‘How good is Australia’. But right now, in reference to the global COVID vaccine rollout, Australia is not good at all. In fact, I’d say we’re […]

Silencing women

Every year on International Women’s Day, I write a post about the incredible women in the diabetes world doing remarkable things for the community. I’m going to link to some of them at the end of today’s post because they highlight some truly brilliant women making a difference in the lives of so many, and […]