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Giving permission

So, today I had a moment and completely lost it. Tears – big, fat tears – sobbing and ugly, snotty crying. I didn’t even try to hide it, which is what I would usually do. There’s no hiding anymore now that we are all living in confined spaces and pretty much on top of each […]

Guest post: Come March with me: Diabetes, LGBTQIA+ and do you see what I see

Edwin Pascoe, who works as a registered nurse and credentialled diabetes educator, has explored the uniqueness of sexual orientation (gay) among men with type 2 diabetes in his PhD thesis with Victoria University. This is Edwin’s second post for Diabetogenic (read the first one here). This weekend, the Mid-summa Pride March marks its 25th year of the LGBTQIA+ community and […]

What I’m for this WDD

All diabetes sucks. That is, in my opinion, just the way that diabetes is. No type of diabetes is better or worse than another; no-one has the ‘bad’ type (because, seriously, there is no ‘good’ type!). No one asks to get diabetes, and when diagnosed, we all need adequate care, support and access to the […]

Seen on the 6

Two things happened that got me excited on the 6 train when I was in New York back in June. Firstly: Obviously, every green circle in the world ever is a tribute to Loop. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, and I refuse to be told otherwise. And secondly: I absolutely love this […]

Revisited: At least…

This is an edited version of a blog post I wrote over three years ago, but refer to frequently. Because it seems that there is a human need to force people to feel that their lives could be worse – so much worse – so they should be grateful that it’s only diabetes they have […]

Revisited: Diabetes girls’ and women’s business

Catching the end of Women’s Health Week, revisiting this post from last year about all things girls, women and diabetes. Today, on the final day of the campaign, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is suggesting that we take some time to think about our mental health. That sounds like a good idea anytime, but I’m really pleased to see that […]

Best kept secret in diabetes

I have some illuminating discussions with healthcare professionals. After I’ve had an in-depth conversation, I find myself going over things they have told me and discover that I have always learnt something new about what it means to work in a system that is, in many ways, broken. I learn how their approach to healthcare […]

One thousand

This post marks one thousand posts here on Diabetogenic*. That’s a lot of senseless rambling, ragey-moments, times celebrating and despairing about diabetes, and links to brilliant ideas and post… or to things that have either amused, frustrated, delighted or annoyed me. A thousand posts in and diabetes is still a constant in my life (damn […]

Do we need psychologists in diabetes care?

Recently, I was tagged in a tweet that asked for my thoughts on a discussion that was already in progress, and had started with this tweet from diabetes consultant Pratik Choudhary: It’s a long thread (that seems to still be going), but it is worth a read to see some different perspectives and thoughts on […]

Elephants in the room

I am blunt and I am direct. I am often criticised for my lack of finesse and accused of having the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Guilty, guilty, guilty as charged. But I have always believed that the best way to address any issue is to get it out in the open, talk about it and […]