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Interweb Jumble #18

So many things on my radar at the moment. Here is just a taste! Gila Monster and diabetes Over the weekend, federal health minister, Sussan Ley announced the drug Bydureon would be listed on the PBS from 1 September 2016. Bydureon is a once-weekly injection used in conjunction with oral medications for people with type 2 diabetes. […]

Interweb Jumble #17  – The tech edit

I woke up today to feeds full of tech – diabetes tech. Plus I seem to be reading heaps and talking about not-so-new, but still awesome tech-y stuff. Diabetes technology has been on my mind a lot lately (as well as on my body). Mostly, I have been thinking of the evolution of how dtech moves […]

Interweb Jumble #16

My head is full of lists: Packing list Travel checklist Work to do list Hug-the-kidlet-a-million-times-before-we-leave-her-for-three-weeks list Diabetes-supplies-for-three-weeks-away list And a list of great things I’ve seen online lately… PLAID Do you read PLAID – a research journal with a focus on people living with and inspired by diabetes? If not, you should. Why? Because it’s awesome! […]

Interweb Jumble #15

Stuff. Click. Read. Share. Yesterday…  …was World Health Day. There was a lot of chatter about diabetes – it was everywhere! The focus was, as to be expected, type 2 diabetes and specifically how it can be prevented. But there was some type 1 diabetes-specific information. This was definitely my favourite poster from the WHO’s campaign. […]

Interweb Jumble #14

My in-laws gave me a beautiful cherry tree for my birthday last year. We planted it in the middle of our garden so we could see it whenever we are in the back part of our house. A couple of weeks ago, after a particularly brutal day of blistering heat and blustery winds, all the […]

Interweb jumble #13

It’s gloomy in Melbourne today. I have tights on for the first time in months and my hair is now frizzing thanks to the rain I was caught in as I ran next door for a coffee. (The silver lining in all of this is that there is fabulous coffee right next door to my […]

Interweb jumble #12 – the holiday edit

At the beginning of 2015 I wrote a post saying that while I don’t do resolutions, I would be focusing on three things: health, peace and happiness. I started off the year feeling that I had all three, and I ended the year feeling the same way. Eschewing the plethora of ridiculous inspirational and motivational […]

Interweb Jumble #11

It’s beginning to look a lot like World Diabetes Day. Facebook pages are being turned blue, people are asking is to wear blue and blue circles are appearing everywhere. How November 14 has come around again is beyond me. So with lots happening this week, here is a quick look at a few things I’ve been […]

Interweb jumble #10

Clearly, jet lag, daylight saving and time zone confusions have meant that any creativity left in my pea-sized brain has been zapped to non-existence. As has the ability to order the million things that I have read in the last couple of days. So, with a slight inability to organise my thoughts clearly, here are […]

Interweb jumble #9

After pounding the corridors of the Adelaide Convention Centre, it was nice to have a quiet weekend of recovery, coffee and sleep. And I caught up on lots of World Wide Web happenings. Here are some highlights. LET’S TALK ABOUT COMPLICATIONS. I am always saying how lucky I feel to have friends with diabetes both […]