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Interweb Jumble #31 – The ADC (and few days before) edit

Just over half way through the Australasian Diabetes Congress and after a massive few days, I’ve lost my voice, my way and, my ability to form coherent thoughts. Thank goodness for links and stuff. Grumps Down Under Before the Austalasian Diabetes Congress (ADC) even kicked off, our skies darkened, a final Winter cold-blast hit the […]

Interweb jumble #29

Step right this way for some diabetes snapshots, information, and inspiration. URGENT REQUEST TO PEOPLE IN AUSTRALIA FROM INSULIN FOR LIFE  Insulin for Life Australia is in urgent need of Lantus insulin. If you have any no longer needed Lantus (or any other insulin, but Lantus is the priority right now), please consider sending it […]

Interweb jumble #27 – the #WDD2017 edit

In Australia, WDD lasts for about 36 hours. From the first ‘Happy World Diabetes Day!’ to the final SoMe post with the #WDD hashtag, it was a day-and-a-half of diabetes activism and advocacy and awareness raising. Thank the gods it’s over! Here a collection of things I’ve found interesting and wanted to share from this […]

Interweb jumble #25

There’s lots happening, but I can’t look away from my Loop app at the moment because I’m so damn excited and obsessed! (I’ll be writing something about it sometime this week.) But if I wasn’t doing that, I’d be (re)reading these things… Why it costs so much to see a specialist I’ve always paid to […]

Interweb Jumble #24

A week away from blogging during what happened to be a super busy week in the diabetes world. Let’s play catch up! ICYMI #1 Bigfoot Biomedical + Abbott Diabetes Care. Details here. Great commentary from diaTribe here, and Diabetes Mine here. ICYMI #2 Did you see Adam Browne’s piece on diaTribe about the worst food […]

Interweb jumble #23

It’s cold. And rainy. And miserable. And I have a sore throat that is making me whinge. All I want is soup. Here are some things that are doing their best to brighten my day. My Apple Watch works!! Truthfully, my Apple Watch has always worked (both the first and second series watches I’ve owned). […]

Interweb Jumble #22

Brutal. That’s the way I’ve been describing my week. It’s been super busy and there is no hint that will change any time soon. But there is so much stuff out there to read. Here’s just some of it… CGM Oh, did you hear? CGM is now funded for children and young people under the […]

Interweb jumble #21

There is so much around at the moment that I wanted to write about properly. But it’s holidays and there is champagne and my kid made brownies with toffee popcorn on top and the neighbours came over for drinks and didn’t leave and I need to pack to go to New York. So here are […]

Interweb jumble #20 – the WDD week edit

What a week. World Diabetes Day (WDD) is over for another year, but there is still lots going on in the diabetes space and in my life in general. Here are just some of the things making my brain a minestrone soup of dot points. Mayo Clinic in Oz I was lucky enough to win […]

Interweb Jumble #19 – the November edit

November is a big month in diabetes. For those of us living in Australia, the main event is World Diabetes Day on 14 November, but I’m certainly happy to be swept up in the USA’s Diabetes Awareness Month. For the next four weeks, there will be a lot of diabetes awareness about and it’s a […]