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Complications and stigma: their inextricable link

Towards the end of last year, I wrote about some things happening online trying to encourage people to openly and freely speak about being diagnosed and living with diabetes-related complications. When conversations about diabetes complications are brought into the public domain, often two things happen. Firstly, people start to talk. That whole cornerstone of peer […]

PWD supporting PWD (or: stop blaming others for getting diabetes-related complications)

I bought a new t-shirt the other day. I saw it on Instagram and decided that I just had to have it. I’m not sure if it was growing up in a mostly female household; or the six years I spent in an all-girls school; or perhaps it’s the friends I am fortunate enough to […]

Snapshot in time

Our kidlet is starting secondary (high) school next year. Her parents are totally in denial about this – we keep looking at photos of her from five or six years ago, pretending she is only in her first years of primary school. This works perfectly until we actually look at her today – tall and […]

Everything’s coming up….

For the last three weeks, ever since returning from overseas, there has been a constantly replenished bunch of roses on the kitchen table. They range from a blush colour through to a beautiful light orange and have a fragrance that hits you as you walk into the room. After a few days in the house, […]

Do happiness and health depend on each other?

Last night I was completing an online survey about wellbeing and came to the questions that asked about my health – specifically did I feel healthy? The answer was yes, I do feel healthy. The only time I don’t is when I am dealing with a cold or virus of some description. Then I generally […]