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#WWGD #7 – Louder than Words

In a former life, I was a music teacher. It was always very clear to me that there was no one way to teach that worked for all kids, and there was a need to somehow tailor my teaching style to meet the kid standing in front of me.   A common cry in diabetes […]

#WWGD #6 – The Back-Up Plan

One of the best things about going to diabetes conferences is finding time to speak to, and bounce ideas off, fellow people with diabetes. It’s always so great to hear others’ ideas and opinions – sometimes I find myself nodding in furious agreement, and other times their views are completely opposite to how I see things.  […]

#WWGD #5 – The Centre of Attention

I caught up with Grumps a couple of weeks ago in London and bored/annoyed him to death with requests for him to write for me again. Success! Off you go, Grumps…  ___________________________________________________________ A couple of weeks ago I was lucky. Lucky that my great friend Renza was in the UK. Lucky that we had time to […]

#WWGD #4 – Hypo Style

Look who’s taken over Diabetogenic again! Grumps is back to share some wisdom about how he deals with hypos. We know that when it comes to diabetes, there is the advice we’re given by HCPs. And then there is real life. I wrote about my ’reality versus what I was told’ when it comes to lows […]

#WWGD #3 – My Left Foot

Last year, The Grumpy Pumper wrote a couple of posts for me in what was going to be semi-regular series called What Would Grumpy Do? Actually, the idea that it was going to be a semi-regular thing was news to Grumps, and because he doesn’t like to be told what to do, it’s been over a […]

#WWGD #2

He’s back! The Grumpy Pumper has returned to Diabetogenic to share some of his wisdom and wit. If you’ve ever wondered what a Grumpy Xmas looks like, here you go! It’s almost bloody Christmas again. A time for joy and happiness. I hate it! I remember Christmases before I was diagnosed: Turkey dinner Beer Mince pies Beer […]


Today, The Grumpy Pumper has taken over Diabetogenic. That sounds like it was a hostile move, however, the truth is it’s just to shut me up, because every time I speak to Grumps, I tell him he needs to get back to blogging. He may not know this yet, but today’s post is the first of what is going to be […]

WWGD #10 – Closure

I’m travelling again today, so taking a break in my #IDF2019 recaps and publishing the latest in The Grumpy Pumper’s #WWGD (What Would Grumpy Do) series of posts. Today, he’s writing about searching for closure to move on from diabetes-related complications.  This week I finally some feedback from the latest MRI scan on my foot. It’s something […]

WWGD #9 – Lumpy Grumpy

Today, the skies over Australian darkened, as a now familiar grumpy presence settled in. Grumps is back in town, and brought with him a new WWGD post for Diabetogenic. While he is here this time, I might explain to him that he doesn’t need to hand deliver these posts, and show him how email works. […]


The day before the Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC) started, Ascensia Diabetes Care brought together a number of Australian diabetes blogger and advocates for the Australian Diabetes Social Media Summit, #OzDSMS – an event that promised to tackle some interesting and difficult topics in diabetes. The social media component was relevant for a number of reasons: […]