Today, the skies over Australian darkened, as a now familiar grumpy presence settled in. Grumps is back in town, and brought with him a new WWGD post for Diabetogenic. While he is here this time, I might explain to him that he doesn’t need to hand deliver these posts, and show him how email works.

 But for now, here’s Grumps thinking about making more changes to his diabetes management and why that is pissing him off.

Out of my almost 25 years of T1D following in my shadow, I will have stuck a syringe or pen needle into my skin a few times. I used to favour back of my arm in the old days as it took me years to get over a mental block of jabbing myself in the stomach. After a while I had to get over this issue as I was told to give my arms a rest as they were getting lumpy.

For my long acting insulin, I always injected into either my thigh or my arse, and let me tell you, forty units of Lantus can sting a tad…

I’d often get lumps that would take a day or two to go but I didn’t really pay much attention at that time.

I went onto a pump around nine or ten years ago, and since then I have only ever used my stomach for cannula sites. Clearly, I have well and truly gotten over my phobia of stomach injections. Also, as favour to myself, I have managed to grow my stomach in size and give myself more ‘real estate’ in which to rotate my sites…

A while back I noticed that absorption seemed to be getting worse: a few more lumps, more sites that were ‘bleeders’ when removed, and more leakages than usual.

So, What Would Grumpy do in this situation? (#WWGD)

Well, I didn’t want to try arm sites or even go back to thighs or arse. They just seem impractical and I am worried about ripping them out. So, I just moved to the sides. I’d seen PWD online using those areas and thought I’d try it out.

They have been working well. Actually, really well!

Until now…

Now I have the same issues.

I’m a lumpy Grumpy.

Raising the question again #WWGD?

I could of course just carry on expanding the gut and grow some more space. That’s the easy option, and more pizza and beer are always welcome…

However, I’m 50 years old. In a few weeks’ time I will have had T1D for 25 years.

Half my life…

I am increasingly thinking about my heart and how to look after it better, so I have, (way too sensibly for my liking), ruled this out.

It’s time to try more sites.

Time for something new, and that pisses me off!

I don’t like change.

I don’t like my diabetes forcing me to change.

I have fought against that happening for half my life now.

I know it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things and is totally a privileged, first word problem, but it still pisses me off.

Live Long and Bolus,