It’s been a long time between drinks blog posts from the Grumpy Pumper on Diabetogenic. But it seems that I have found out a way to get him to write for me here: get him to Australia, ply him with non-stop decent coffee, stick a laptop in front of him and chant ‘Write! Write! Write!’ until he delivers. It works! At least it did this morning. 

So, here he is, talking about making some changes to his diabetes management. (Being in Australia is a good start!)

Following on from my recent post on how I’m not burnt out but I am smouldering, and that ‘something needs to change’, I am left with the question: What?

There a shitload of things I could change:

  1. Diet – Let’s not be hasty
  2. Exercise more – Less likely than diet
  3. Quit alcohol – Fuck that!

I don’t what to change my lifestyle and even if it needs it, I’m not in the right frame of mind to sustain it even if I start. That means I’m likely to end up as demotivated as when I started, or worse.

So, if I don’t want to make lifestyle changes what about changes to my management?

Actually, that may work. I can make small changes and won’t have to wait long until I see a difference. It may not be the difference I want but at least I can work out where to go from there. I have never expected this to be a straight and open road. Diabetes management is a winding path that has may obstacles along the way and the occasional roadblock that you need to negotiate.

However, there is a lot that goes into this:

  • Basal checking
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Carb ratios
  • Pre-bolus timings
  • Extended bolus

So, I am going to start with none of these…

Of course, you are now asking yourself (if you are still awake):

Where am I going to start?

What would Grumpy do?…

Actually, I’m going to get my A1c done…

I’ve not had it done for two years now. Not because I’ve been avoiding having it done. It’s a combination of cancelled appointments due to a busy life and a cock up with the paperwork the time I did get bloods taken.

Why, given that it is likely to be a lot higher than my last one two years ago would I want it taken before I’ve tried to make the changes I need to try and make? Won’t it just demotivate me and make me feel worse?


Because I genuinely don’t care what it is. That number, however high, will no way reflect the effort I have been putting into living with diabetes, and my related complication.

Right now, it’s the easiest thing I can do to make a start. It will draw a line in the sand behind me and be the starting point from which I move forward.

Much as I’m not a great fan of A1c as a measure, I can use it as a milestone. After all, you can’t find your way back if you don’t know where you are.

Live Long and Bolus.


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