Today, The Grumpy Pumper has taken over Diabetogenic. That sounds like it was a hostile move, however, the truth is it’s just to shut me up, because every time I speak to Grumps, I tell him he needs to get back to blogging. He may not know this yet, but today’s post is the first of what is going to be a regular (maybe semi-regular – no pressure!) feature, where Grumps is going to share his own brand of diabetes wisdom. It will be called #WWGD. 

For a most authentic experience, it’s best to read his words with a frowny, grumbly expression while drinking beer. Sprinkle generously with expletives. Over to you, Sir Grump-A-Lot…

3b30e981e3469a95cdd0bfeb4d57477bI’ve not blogged for almost six months (stop cheering).

Why not? Basically, I have sod all to blog about!…

You see, I have a special type of diabetes: Type B…Boring Diabetes

I’m lucky to have it. Nothing much changes. No dramas. Just the same most days.

Although, my life has changed recently: new job (well 4 month contract) away from home (140 miles away).

As a result, I’m staying in hotels (crap ones) 4 nights a week.

I’ve been doing it for 4 weeks now, and last night I realised that no one there knows I have T1D.

I don’t share my CGM data with anyone; I hardly ever wear it anyway. I don’t check in with the family so they know if I’m ok. (I never did before DX; I’ve never have done since DX if I’m away.) They have never been involved in my management in any way (my choice).

So…am I stupid (hands down people), confident, or just lucky? I’m lucky I have full hypo awareness still, for sure.

Having asked myself ‘What do you want to change about this all’, I replied to myself – (yes, I know that’s not normal. I like that it’s not normal) – ‘Nothing’.

Okay, I actually replied ‘Fuck all’ but that’s too rude to type…

I don’t want or feel the need to change anything. It’s how I do things. It works for me and my family.

If and when my diabetes gets to be less lazy I may need to change things, but not this day.

So if you ever find yourself wondering or worrying how to handle things, then ask yourself: ‘What Would Grumpy Do?’ And then do the complete opposite. Grumps is a bit of a knob and doesn’t take life very seriously.

Live long and bolus,


Grumps low-carbing in Munich.

Grumps low-carbing in Munich.

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