Someone said to me yesterday that it seems that I only ever eat doughnuts and Nutella. Or doughnuts with Nutella. This was in response to a photo I posted on Facebook which showed the kiddo and a couple of her friends being shown how to make Nutella spring rolls*. Actually, it was in response to most of the photos I post on Facebook which may or may not be of doughnuts and Nutella.  Whatever!

People seem to love pointing out what they consider to be the irony of a person with diabetes having such a strong love of fried sweet dumplings. It’s possible that the happiest day of my life was the day I discovered Doughnut Plant in New York.

But there’s no irony as far as I’m concerned. I love a good custard bomba, sugar-coated zippoli or jam-filled doughnut. And I have diabetes. And I have an insulin pump and I know how to use it! I must have missed the day at diabetes school where we were told we couldn’t eat doughnuts.

We are told that there is no such thing as a ‘diabetic diet’, yet the mixed messages we receive about what we ‘should’ and ‘should not’ be eating only lead to judgement and accusatory questions such as ‘should you be eating that?’ The stigma associated with diabetes and the media’s misrepresentation of all people with diabetes as overweight, lazy, fast-food-guzzling machines perpetuates the myth that food for people with diabetes should be cardboard-flavoured and devoid of any enjoyment.

Well I say screw that!

For the record (and in a pathetic-and-less-than-half-arsed attempt to justify my eating habits), I actually do enjoy an incredibly healthy diet. I cook most days and there are always lots of fresh vegies and lean meat on my plate. But there is no fun in posting a photo of chicken paillard with rocket, avocado and walnuts. As delicious as it may be.

beignetsToday is Mardi Gras and whilst I can’t be in New Orleans to join in Fat Tuesday celebrations (if only!) I will be thinking of beignet – the pillowy, fried and sugary doughy delights that I enjoyed in great quantities at Café du Monde when I visited the great NOLA last year. And at some point today, I hope to have one or three (with a side of insulin), sprinkling icing sugar down my front as I wave a handkerchief, walking the second line as Melbourne celebrates Mardi Gras in our own way.

Also – here you go! Some Disney and Dr John magic for your Tuesday.

Nutella Spring Rolls

Add a dollop (about a teaspoon-full) of Nutella to the middle of a spring roll or wonton wrapper

Fold in the sides and then roll into a cigar shape

Seal edges with egg

Fry in vegetable oil

Sprinkle with icing sugar and eat while hot


Bolus as required (either using a pump, pen, syringe or working pancreas)