I’ve had a wonderful time raising diabetes awareness throughout the month of November. In addition to the terrific World Diabetes Day activities I’ve been involved in at Diabetes Australia – Vic, I’ve worn blue each and every Friday as part of DSMA Blue Fridays and earlier in the month got involved in the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange. I was also thrilled to be part of Mike Young from Diabetes in Spain‘s Diabetes 11.11.11 project.

The Postcard Exchange is the initiative of Lee Ann Thill from The Butter Compartment. Lee Anne asked people from all over the world to register to be part of the project. We were then sent the details of our buddy – someone else who had registered to be involved.

The it was time to get creative! So one weekend, I pretended I was back in kindergarten, got out a glue stick, some scissors and sticky tape and got creative. I emptied my BGL meter case of all its used test strip foils. They formed the background of my postcard. I then cut out blue cardboard from a box of pump lines to make the WDD circle. And finally, I cut out letters to spell the word ‘UNITE’. The finished card looked like this:

My creation - the background is used test strip foils

On the back of the postcard, I filled in a little meme with my name, where I live, the type of diabetes I have, when I was diagnosed, how I act on diabetes and one world to describe diabetes. And then, on 3 November, I posted the card to my buddy in Texas.

Last week, as I sat at my desk, the mail was delivered and with it came a postcard from my buddy. Thanks Angela – not only for the gorgeous and creative postcard, but also for the link to your terrific blog, ‘Blood Sugar Witch’. Check it out here, folks!

My buddy Angela in Texas made and sent me this gorgeous postcard.

Diabetes 11.11.11 is a beautiful way to collect images of diabetes from around the world, and Mike Young invited members of the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) to take a diabetes themed photo. People from around the globe submitted their snaps, and they appear here. Mike has compiled it all into a short video – just gorgeous!

Blue Fridays was announced with a video of people all around the world saying why they will wear blue in November.

We took it up a notch this week with the introduction of blue lightsabers. We’re nothing if not committed to a cause here!

Blue Fridays - now with lightsabers! (And thanks Jesse for indulging the geekiness!)

So – what’s it all been about? On a large scale, it’s all about diabetes awareness. And this is important and something of which there will, quite simply, never be enough!

But the most significant thing for me has been to feel that I am part of a global diabetes advocacy movement. I love that at the time I was making a postcard to send to Texas, people from every continent were sitting at their kitchen tables being creative and making something to post to their buddy. I love that every Friday as I got up to go to work making sure I was in blue, everywhere around the world, others were doing the same. And I love that on 11 November as I took a series of photos that I felt summed up my life with diabetes, my friends in the DOC were snapping away too.

We are not doing this on our own. We just need to have a look around to see what else is going on in the global diabetes community.

November has been a big blue month and I’ve loved being part of it.